Christmas ebook available

I have just published a Christmas story about family, faith and music. It’s available here, please let me know if you like it!

Here is an excerpt from it:

Esther peered out of the window of the train. Snowflakes stuck to it and melted with the heat of the train instantly. She was snug and cosy but couldn’t wait to get home. In the distance, the lights of her home town blinked at her. She looked more closely, trying to spot the church tower.

“Ah! There it is” she thought, feeling her heart lift.

From outside that church, she would soon be leaving with her choir on a tour of the cathedrals of the South West of England. She was so excited, she loved music and architecture and they planned to do some carol singing in each city, raising money for charity as they went.

As the train doors opened, she gave a little shiver at the icy blast of air. Wrapping up warmly and taking her torch out for extra light, she trudged down the road towards the town.

As she came to the high street, the warmth and light from each of the shop windows radiated Christmas cheer at her. It had been a long day at work and she was glad to see the decorations, each lovingly prepared.


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