Christmas story

Hello, I thought I would share some parts of my Christmas story as the day gets nearer. I hope you enjoy reading them and if you like them, please consider buying the ebook or donating to Cancer Research UK. I am donating all sales proceeds to this charity. Here is part one, thank you.

Esther peered out of the window of the train. Snowflakes stuck to it and melted with the heat of the train instantly. She was snug and cosy but couldn’t wait to get home. In the distance, the lights of her home town blinked at her. She looked more closely, trying to spot the church tower.

“Ah! There it is” she said to herself, feeling her heart lift.

From outside that church, she would soon be leaving with her choir on a tour of the cathedrals of the South West of England. She was so excited, she loved music and architecture and they planned to do some carol singing in each city, raising money for charity as they went.

As the train doors opened, she gave a little shiver at the icy blast of air. Wrapping up warmly and taking her torch out for extra light, she trudged down the road towards the town.

As she came to the high street, the warmth and light from each of the shop windows radiated Christmas cheer at her. It had been a long day at work and she was glad to see the decorations, each lovingly prepared. Her phoned pinged, and she paused in a doorway, stamping her feet to stay warm as she took off one glove to read it.

Love you. Miss you. Take good care and don’t forget to let us know when you are in Truro. Mum and Dad.

A tear slid down her cheek, threatening to freeze before it hit the floor. She missed them so much, but she was on a new adventure here in Hampshire and loving it. She quickly dashed off a reply, saying how much she was looking forward to seeing them and set out once again into the snow.

“Hi Esther!” a voice called.

She turned to see her fellow choir member, Annie, hurrying to catch her up, her bobble hat bouncing along with her.

Annie gave her a hug as they met and they walked along, chatting about the forth coming tour.

“I can’t wait to see the all the different cities and cathedrals, I’m going to take lots of pictures, how about you?”

“Same, I don’t want to miss any of it. I’m hoping to get a guidebook for each cathedral too. I’m more excited that we get to be part of the concert at Truro Cathedral.”

“Oh of course, your parents will be coming won’t they?”

“Yes, I’ve not seen them for months, work has been so busy. We’ve chatted online of course”.

“Hurrah for modern technology” Annie said.

“ Too true. How come you’re out so late?” Esther asked.

“Had a mountain of paperwork to finalize. Sales of country cottages have gone way up and lot’s of people want to move in before Christmas, so they can unpack and get their gardens all ready before spring. I think it’s nice. I wish I could live in the country again”.

Like Esther, Annie lived in a flat not far from the town centre, with her husband, David. They’d all moved into to the same town, same block of flats on the same day two years ago. Annie and David as newly weds and Esther starting a new job teaching music at a private school in a nearby village.

“I’ve had my eye on this place on the edge of town, lovely little house, with a garden. It’s not had many viewings and we’ve been saving so I’m hoping we can view it this week and maybe make an offer. It would be a bit of a stretch after the expenses of the choir trip, but I couldn’t miss out”.

“It’s gonna be great, and I’m sure David understands”.

“He does, best husband ever”

They parted ways on the staircase of their flats and Esther was pleased to see a letter from her cousin Nat on the mat as she went in. Nat had text to say she would be writing with some news that Esther would want to take on tour with her. Esther was intrigued and hopeful. Nat had been helping her look for her brother, who was adopted as a baby. Esther had gotten so busy at work that she had to stop for a while and Nat had taken up the challenge full time. Esther got cosy on the sofa to read it. A look of surprise and happiness spread across her face.

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