Book reviews

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Review by guest blogger, Sarah Lindsell.

Dreams Come True at Glendale Hall.

I am an occasional reader of romantic fiction and found this novel to be a typical example of the genre. The plot centres on the life of Lorna as she tries to turn a dilapidated old house into her dream B & B. Along the way she discovers a growing attraction for the mysterious Finlay.

This is a comforting read about the strength of community and importance of following your dreams, however impossible they seem. On the other hand, all Lorna’s problems are solved for her to produce the required happy ending. Unfortunately, life is not always like that!

All in all, a pleasant way to spend a few hours, and I suppose we all have to dream a little.

Glendale Hall – Always and Forever at Glendale Hall

In this book, we meet vicar Brodie’s younger sister Anna, who has moved to Glendale to work for Beth after losing her job. She is feeling very unsure of herself and her place in life after a car accident when she was younger. As she is always moving around, from place to place and job to job. Brodie hopes she will feel she can settle in Glendale.

She is welcomed with open arms by the residents of the hall and it’s not long before she makes friends and starts to build a new life for herself, as cook and housekeeper at Glendale Hall.

Supported by her new friends, she blossoms and finds love, but will she also find healing and peace? A funny and moving book set in the glorious summer countryside of Glendale.